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Ultimate Predator Decoys
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bow_dude 17-Jul-18
OFFHNTN 18-Jul-18
tobinsghost 18-Jul-18
Stycks 18-Jul-18
splitlimb13 18-Jul-18
Yellowjacket 18-Jul-18
ground hunter 18-Jul-18
longbeard 18-Jul-18
Zbone 18-Jul-18
tobinsghost 18-Jul-18
Beendare 18-Jul-18
bow_dude 24-Jul-18
From: bow_dude
Anyone have any experience with any of these or similar decoys? I am considering picking up a deer decoy to try this year.

I bought the elk one this past winter, I will try it out in CO this year.

From: tobinsghost
Luv my antelope and turkey ones. Using elk this year.

I want them to make a shield for use in a cottonwood. I might have to just build a nest.

From: Stycks
The turkey decoy worked for me this year.

From: splitlimb13
I have the mule deer! Love that thing

From: Yellowjacket
Highly recommend the cow elk. The antelope not so much. Then again I've never had much success with any antelope decoy. Your experience may vary.

I have the whitetail doe, bought it last year, but could not use it, since I was in the hospital for the fall. My buddy used it, he did not want to give it back, he said it was that effective....... I can not wait to get it out this year, I am pumped.....

From: longbeard
I don’t know about the decoys for the 4 legged critters but the Turkey decoys are amazing!!

From: Zbone
Very cool concept... I might buy one...

From: tobinsghost
YJ, couple it with a call...magic!

From: Beendare
I use decoys a lot for elk....very effective and there is no reason these would be any different.

IMO, You have to be prepared to take a frontal shot though.

From: bow_dude
Thanks to all of you for your input... I pulled the trigger on a mule deer bow decoy. I expect it to arrive Wednesday. I think I will experiment with it prior to the opening of the hunt next month. Hopefully it will prove to be successful rather than a bust.

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