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Sitka Fanatic Coat
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From: bowhunter55
Going to finally break down and buy the Sitka Fanatic coat. I love hunting the late season and will sit on stand all day in zero weather. Reviews I've read on this coat all seem to be positive. Is it as warm as they say? Also, I wear a large but it seems they say in the reviews that I should go with a size bigger since Sitka clothes are small for they're sizing. Anyone wear this coat?

From: PSUhoss
Wherever you are reading the reviews, they are spot on with my experience. I have the jacket and bibs and carry the jacket to the stand before putting it on even in the coldest weather. I really like the outfit for the coldest of temperatures.


Les Van Pelt 's embedded Photo
Les Van Pelt 's embedded Photo
You won't regret your purchase. I've since got the bibs as well.

From: Pat Lefemine
Best whitetail coat ever. Consider buying the bibs too.

bibs you definitely want to size up imo but the coat fit good in my normal size. Great coat and definitely warm....almost too warm to use a lot of the season in Kansas, so I utilize the fanatic vest a lot as well.


From: ACB
Yes size up .

From: Stekewood
I agree with Pat. Best whitetail clothing ever. Get the bibs too.

It’s definitely the quietest Sitka coat

From: Trial153
I wear my regular size in the Fanatic and I have plenty of room to layer.

My size (Large) is right on. I see where some guys say “size up” but not me with the Fanatic Jacket.

Buy the one you want and if sizing is not right go to their website “returns” section and do the exchange. It’s very easy and takes about 10 days for the round trip exchange. Easy peasy!

From: BUCKeye
Great coat but be aware it is a bur magnet. I frequently pickup enough burs to make the coat noisy until I remove them. On the plus side pulling burs out of the fabric will keep you busy if the deer arent moving.

From: bowhunter55
Thanks so much for the positive replies guys! Definitely getting the coat and bibs!

From: CurveBow
I too vote yes for the jacket and bibs! Its great stand hunting stuff.

From: IKE220
As already mentioned the Fanatic is the best whitetail coat and warm, if you go with the bibs they are super warm but will attract every cocklebur around. I picked up a pair of the Fanatic Lite bibs and love them. I break out the Fanatic bibs when the mercury really drops. I found the size to be correct.

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