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Southeast Montana Weather/Moisture?
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Quinn @work 19-Jul-18
HUNT MAN 19-Jul-18
SBH 19-Jul-18
ELKMAN 19-Jul-18
Timbrhuntr 19-Jul-18
JL 19-Jul-18
Quinn @work 21-Jul-18
From: Quinn @work
We are heading up to Montana to antelope hunt southeast of Hardin in less than 4 weeks and was wondering if that area has been getting decent or normal moisture this summer? Here in CO it has been bone dry and it's a tinder box. Really hoping that's not the case in SE Montana.

They had a bad winter. But are spring and summer so far have been above normal moisture. Hope you have a great hunt. It’s closing in fast. Hunt

From: SBH
Thats a really dry area of the state but this year there that's not the case. Big winter and wet spring. Was just in Billings last weekend and its still green there! normally everything is brown by now. No fires I know of. Have a great trip.

A LOT of winter kill out there this year... :-(

From: Timbrhuntr
Seen a ton of antelope and lots of good bucks in se montana while turkey hunting in April.

From: JL
When I spoke to the DNR office in Reg 7 a while back they said there was some kill off but it might not be as bad as thought. At that time the lady said they will know for sure during the aerial surveys. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

From: Quinn @work
Thanks for the feedback. My contact said they had some winter kill but are still seeing plenty of goats.

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