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Anyone tell about Splinter Ridge Wildlif
Whitetail Deer
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Buckshot53 19-Jul-18
Huntcell 19-Jul-18
Pigsticker 19-Jul-18
JTV 19-Jul-18
From: Buckshot53
I am thinking of leaving North Carolina this year to bow hunt Splinter Ridge Wildlife Area in Indiana. Can someone tell me about this place for trophy deer and the pressure this place gets?

From: Huntcell
Splinter Ridge Wild life gets alot of pressure if it's near Brokeback Mountain.

From: Pigsticker
Early season is ok but you need to get back in. Great genetics in that area.

From: JTV
its in a good part of the state ... gun season would get a lot of pressure of course ..... its not as large as some areas, only a tad over 2600 acres ... it is managed by Crosley FWA .... call them ...812-346-5596

in addition to a hunting and/or fishing license the following permits are required:

Permission to hunt during the day on Splinter Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area must be obtained before entering the field. Daily hunt permit cards must be in possession of the hunter and recorded through established self-service procedures outlined at the check-in station. Self-service drop boxes are located on the property for your convenience.

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