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Siskiyou Elk
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From: elledge
Hello all! I'm a noob here and hoping I can find some information. I was recently drawn for a bull elk in the Siskiyou hunt zone in Northern California. I dont know the area at all but I have been gathering information since I was drawn from multiple sources. I figure I cant have too much info so I wanted to reach out here. I am going to put boots on the ground next week to do some summer scouting in the hopes of finding some cow herds. If any of y'all have anything you would like to share I would be extremely grateful.


Grats on a great tag. If I had this tag, I'd show up a week before season to start scouting and plan on hunting the entire season since you'll never draw this tag again and it'll probably be the best opportunity you'll ever have to kill a big Roosey.

From: elkmtngear
I saw a huge 6x6 in Siskiyou County about 3 weeks ago...on Public Land no less. I've don a lot of hunting in that Country, but it's the first elk I've ever seen up there. They are really starting to "branch out" up here!

From: elledge
@IdyllwildArcher I'm planning on scouting all next week. Probably going to find some time in August, around my deer hunt. I already have the entire two week season off of work and I'm planning on staying up there as long as I need to!

@elkmtngear Where did you see the bull? I'm planning to start my scouting near Goosenest Mtn. and the Tennant area.

From: Ucsdryder
When I lived in california I had dreams about that tag. Congrats!

From: Lost Arra
Sounds like a great opportunity. I hope you keep everyone posted here.

Yup, some good Bulls up there now...Places I grew up bow hunting in that area, now hold Elk, pretty crazy!

From: TD

TD's embedded Photo
TD's embedded Photo
Born and raised in Shasta Valley. I remember many years ago when there was a herd out by Grass Lake, we would see them time to time. Also there were always stories about Eastern OR elk moving down too. I haven't really been back in a very long time, not much help I'm afraid.

Have some moral support though, my Dad sent me this pic maybe 8 or 10 years ago now. Standing in a field at the west end of his farm near Gazelle..... said he had a half dozen cows with him.

I'm thinkin' these are Rosie's about like the mule deer/blacktails are in the area..... depends on what side of the highway they are..... =D

From: Beendare
I know a guy that knows a couple of guys that were successful.

You have to cover a lot of ground to find them...then you are golden.

From: elledge
Thank you all for the advice and heads up for heading into the Siskiyou elk unit. I just thought I’d update y’all now that I am back from my first scouting trip. The first thing I noticed on the way up was the smoke from the Klamathon fire, this made glassing next to impossible as the smoke was extremely thick most of the daylight hours minus a few in early to late afternoon. Figured my best option was to ask everyone I came across and put boots on the ground. I found some scat and could have sworn I hard some cows calling and barking. I saw some beautiful country and logged a lot of miles. I also think I’m going to apply for an X-1 deer tag next year, I saw some really nice bucks…if any of y’all have some more elk info I’d be more than happy to trade!!

I’m hoping to head up once more to scout depending on how my archery deer season goes in D3-5. If that doesn’t work out I’m heading up 2 days before the season starts to hopefully hear some bugling. Thanks again to everyone for the advice!

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