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Whitetail Deer
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From: Bowriter
For some reason, our Commission has implemented a special, three-day, bucks only, archery only, private land only hunt in August to give hunters a chance to kill a buck in velvet. Normal temps are lows in the 70's and highs in the mid to upper 90's.

What do y'all think of this?

From: APauls
I believe we've already been over this. It's in a different thread. I thought you even started the other thread?

From: drycreek
No different than hunting lopes in August, or September for that matter. Be prepared !

From: JTV
what do I think about it.... its to damn hot ... thats what I think ...

From: Swampbuck
That’s normal rut hunting temps where I hunt

From: SixLomaz
generator + refrigerator in truck or you better move fast

From: Huntcell
“special, three-day, bucks only” I believe your special and should jump at this extermly limited opportunity. You could be the first high profile sports writer to write about it. I hope U decide to do it . Not that you need the generous 3 day season to getr Done.

Tots. And more sauce on pizza.

How much is a Non-Resident Tag?

From: Halibutman
I like my life tots with cheese. In that way, they're like a tot pizza sans sauce.

From: PECO
Not a fan. I want a special late season private land buck so I can get one NOT in velvet.

From: buzz mc
I love it. Additional opportunities without being a detriment to the resources. I'd be outside doing something anyways, might as well be in a treestand.

From: PushCoArcher
I'd love to have that same opportunity in my home state. While cooking in a treestand or ground blind doesn't sound like the most fun I'd be willing to suffer through for a shot at a velvet buck.

From: Pigsticker
Velvet is overrated!

Pig, what if its a painting if a whale and a dolphin....

If you do shoot one in velvet do your homework on preserving the velvet. I arrowed a velvet buck 2010 during our PA "gun" season and found it hard to find a knowledgeable taxidermist.

From: Lee
Sounds like a normal south GA opening day minus the velvet! Except the morning temps sound a little chilly


From: Treeline
Go for it!

A little early for the velvet to be dried out so you better know how to preserve it.

See no issues in shooting deer or any other big game that early and wish more states would give us more bowhunting time early for all species.

Would help in hunter recruitment for the kids in school and give us more time in the field.

Heck, I’d be super happy with an August 15 or even August 1 start for all archery hunts in Colorado if that would keep the rifle hunters out of our seasons!

From: midwest
I have Elvis in velvet.

Looking forward to it! Going to do my part to save the life of a few soybeans

From: Firsty
Didn't you already have a thread about this, except it was something about which 6 pointer to shoot?? What's next another white oak plantation rant?

From: HeadHunter®
"some" just do not get it john! .... But a whitetail buck in velvet would be great! But with that being said, a person 'could' get artificial velvet put on any antlered animal with the right taxidermist. I've seen some very impressive 'fake' mounts!

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