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Flex Fletch 360 Vanes
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From: Buffalo1
I'm wanting to do a little experimentation with the Flex Fletch 360 vanes. Wondering if any one has experience comparing performance of the 3-fletch helical vs 4-fletch helical with this vane??

From: otcWill
Ran them in both for years. Never could see a difference in 3 and 4

Agreed. I shoot both and have for 20 years . Not much difference . Best vane on the market. Hunt

From: Bowfreak
Just fletch them up 3 fletch helical. You have enough vane to control any broadhead on the market. Like others said....there isn't a better vane.

From: midwest
I 3-fletched mine due to the advice I got from the guys above and they've shot every broadhead perfect. Great vanes!

3 is more than enough. Great vane. Another one of the flex fletch vanes to not over look for hunting is the SK 300. That's what I'm running now, and I like them better than my 360s. A LOT stiffer.

From: Buffalo1
Thanks for the feedback. Ya’ll shared with me exactly what I wanted to know. May have to look at the 300’s also.

From: Tracker
Four fletch all the way for me. I there much difference? Maybe ,maybe not, but I like shooting them and they give me confidence when shooting a fixed blade BH. I run 300's.

From: Ambush
I switched to a four fletch a couple of seasons ago because of cable clearance issues with the Blazers. The vanes I use now are .410 tall. A bonus I discovered was another 15 or so yards range on my Tommy Hogg slider without that tall cock vane straight up.

Never know when I might have to shoot a grouse in the eye at 100 yards ; )

From: bighorn
Of the 360"s 0r 300's which has a lower profile?

From: Dafish

From: Buffalo1
I have tested the 3-fletch and the 4-fletch for a couple of days- I personally give the edge to the 4-fletch, especially for the longer distances.

From: ki-ke
Im testing the SK-200's right now, 3 fletch hard helical. Seem to be steering slick tricks pretty well! Still need to see what happens past 35 yards....

From: rodb
I have been shooting 360's for 20 years target and hunting with no problems. Bought 2 dozen Gold tip arrows that had the four fletch last year, one month later they were all refletched with 360's.

From: elkmtngear
I shoot 360's with 4 fletch offset. So far, so good, they work well for me, and I practice out to 80 yards regularly.

From: Bowfreak
FFP 300 are lower profile than FFP 360.

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