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Heading to Unit 38 Elk Wyoming Tomorrow
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darkhollow1 19-Jul-18
'Ike' (Phone) 20-Jul-18
BULELK1 20-Jul-18
Rickm 20-Jul-18
Z Barebow 20-Jul-18
darkhollow1 20-Jul-18
Norseman 20-Jul-18
Jims 20-Jul-18
huntnmuleys 20-Jul-18
Tracker 22-Jul-18
zia 24-Jul-18
Topgun 30-06 24-Jul-18
From: darkhollow1
Heading out to scout unit 38 in Wyoming tomorrow. Fingers crossed I will draw this tag next year and want to be sure I have a plan in place prior to applying for the tag. I am planning to spend a week exploring/developing a plan for the hunt. If anyone has any input they would be willing to share it would be greatly appreciated. Areas to check out or areas to avoid would be great. Don't expect anyone to tell me exactly where to go but this is probably a once in a lifetime hunt for me and trying to set myself up as best as I can. Thanks for any information!

Take pictures...

That's a dang good idea!

Hope it all falls in place for you in the draw next year.

Have fun------> travel safe

Good luck, Robb

From: Rickm
Take a fly rod and spend some time on the Tongue. Grab a slice of Pie at Bear Lodge and learn the road system. Much of 38 is road accessible. Enjoy.

From: Z Barebow
I have been in that country. My suggestion is to learn the road system and study the MVUM map. Drive where you can, find out where you can use ATV's. Once you do that, rent an ATV for a day or two from Bear Lodge or Elk Lodge (I cannot remember which rents ATV's) Cover those ATV trails. Bring an extra gas can or two.

You may see elk, but I would focus on where you think other hunters will be camped and hunting. You will see more moose than you can shake a stick. And like others have said, bring a fishing rod. Beautiful country, enjoy.

From: darkhollow1
Thanks for the input! I do have MVUM map and an ATV with me so I should be set there. Also got the fly rod packed so I will definitely try my luck fishing.

From: Norseman
Had the privilege of hunting that unit 3 times in the 90’s. Beautiful country. Almost molested by a moose walking back in the dark one night. Yes! Take pics and share.

From: Jims
Be aware that where the bulls are during the summer and when the season first opens is not likely where they'll be once the rut kicks in! The elk move a bunch...especially if there is snow! You may also want to keep snow and mud in mind. Have fun!

From: huntnmuleys
What Rickm said, both about the fishing AND the pie!

From: Tracker
I hunted 38 archery 2 years ago. Very memorable hunt. Hope to draw that tag again someday. Only advice would be to don't overlook to south east section of the unit.

From: zia

From: Topgun 30-06
If you take your own quad, you'll need to buy a Wyoming license/sticker to use it on public land! They are a yearly tag.

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