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Strange Scent Control
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From: Bowriter
I’ve posted this before and a few on here tried it and said works. The single best way to control body odor is to stop using any deodorant or anti-prespirant. Sound crazy but it is true. But there is a caveat. You must maintain good hygiene. Shower at least once a day, preferably twice.

This is especially true the first 7-10 days. Once you quit, for the first few days, you stink like a bull elk in rut. Then, it slowly abates until you no longer smell yourself and even better, neither do other people. Usually takes about a week. I have not used any deodorant in about 15-years. Never had an adverse comment. But, I do shower with unscented soap, at least once a day.

Oddly, I learned this from an undercover narco cop. He also said, never shave the hair under your arms. That makes b.o. worse. Don’t know if that is true, never had any inclination to shave there.

From: Woods Walker
And take chlorophyll supplements.

From: kscowboy

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Couldn’t resist

From: PECO
Do your armpits smell when you work and excessively sweat? I don't use deodorant much these days either. When I do, it is unscented Armor Hammer. But if I work hard and sweat hard, my pits stink. What happens when you are unable to shower daily? I believe Manscaping helps eliminate lower odor.

Doesn't work for everyone. I tried it and fallowed exactly as detailed and yes my BO did reduce but never was eliminated. BUT in my particular profession working in extreme heat is the norm and EXTRORDINARYLY heavy perspiration is a daily occurrence. I'm talking your all cloths including your socks get soaked with sweat and need to be changed. So that might explain why it didn't work for me.

Does the body odor really diminish or do you just get used to the smell?

From: Bill Obeid
Groundhog Day

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