Trail cams- Cellular?
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From: Hunt98
I’m looking at getting a cellular trailcam. I would need Verizon as the provider. Which cell Trailcam would you suggest?

From: hitmanatgym
Whatever you do, stay far, far, extremely far away from Spypoint!!! Nothing but major problems and horrible customer service!!! On that note, I will be following this thread for suggestions for myself.


From: Pat Lefemine
Moultrie Mobile works with Verizon. I have several in use.

From: jcurri
I have 11 covert verizon cams and have had a good experience overall. The only issue I've had is that there is significant difference in battery consumption. Some go months on a set of batteries and others go weeks.

From: sticksender
With the Coverts I found if the batteries are going fast it is because the unit is set to real time ping option. This is only needed if you want to remotely command the camera to take and send a picture at your command. Otherwise it should be set to 4 hours or longer. You have to be sure it is set on both the remote app and in the unit itself and then do a “sync”. Then you are good to go. The camera will continue to send any triggered pics instantly. My batteries last 2-4 months. Great cam and cheap data plans now.

From: SixLomaz

SixLomaz's Link
I suggest you look at Spartan Go-Cam Blackout. I had solid performance using the AT&T version for the past 2 years. It so happens that currently I have a new in the box Spartan Go-Cam for sale at a reasonable price. I bought one extra as a backup to the 4 deployed in the field and it is just sitting idle. Let me know if you are interested.

From: Hunt98
SixKomaz... can the ATT be converted to Verizon in any way?

From: Bill Obeid
I just read read Trailcampro’s 2018 detection test and Spypoint walked away with the top 5 spots. I would call those guys at Trailcampro and discuss your needs. They are using and testing cameras all year long and are great to deal with. The camera system you want is not cheap .... turnover all the stones before you buy.

I've had a covert for a couple of years and haven't had any problems with it.

Heads-up to anyone buying a Verizon cellular camera. Verizon is eliminating their 3G network on 12/31/2019, so if you buy a 3G camera, it'll only function as a cellular camera for another year and 5 months. After that, it's reduced to a basic, non-cellular capable camera.

I suspect other networks will soon follow Verizon with this decision, so buyer beware!

From: Zbone
Hey Pat or for anyone who knows - So the modem is basically a WI-FI, hotspot able to receive a cell tower signal and transmits data to their data base and their data base creates your account and from your account sends notifications to your phone via text or email, etc... Does your cellular provider account need adjusted?

BagginBigguns - How to know if your cellular camera is 3 or 4G?

From: drycreek
ZBone, all the ones they are selling now are 4G. I have a 3G and they offered me a new one at a discount. I will say in two years I've had no problems with mine. Even with a one bar signal it has transmitted pics to me in seconds. I have it on a hog trap, 40' across, and it will send a pic of my tractor to my phone before I can get back around the trap when I'm mowing. I have it hooked up to an external battery and a solar panel. I'm planning on moving the trap to a creek bottom so I bought an antenna that I can stick up about 10' off the ground, but I haven't hooked that up yet. If you buy one, I can give you the info on the external battery hook up if you want.

From: flyingbrass
sticksender is correct!

From: Jaeger63
I really like my Spartan GoCams with Verizon. If you already have a Verizon plan each cam will cost you an additional $5.00 a month. There is a set up fee of course for each cam but after that its only $5.00 a month. If you go that route be sure to buy the 4G models as the 3G's are being phased out. Keep in mind that cellular cams will eat batteries very quickly if your signal is weak, just like a regular cell phone does. Ive learned this the hard way!

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