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G5 Halo Full Containment rest
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PapaSmurf 20-Jul-18
milnrick 20-Jul-18
x-man 21-Jul-18
From: PapaSmurf
I’m really interested in this rest, wanted to ask if any of you have had any experiences with it?

I’ve used the WB, don’t want a drop away. Looking at Containment rests without moving parts.

I do like how this particular rest does move. The prongs fold forward in the event of any contact.

From: milnrick
I like them a lot. Put one on a little training bow for kids, it was so bulletproof we each carry one in our backpacks in case we're in need of an emergency repair while we're bowhunting away from home.

From: x-man
The problem with rests like this is that you are limited to the fletching configurations that have enough space between the fletching to clear these prongs. Straight fletch with three degrees offset is about all you can do. You have to nock your arrow, then look down the shaft from behind and make sure no part of the fletching will hit the rest prongs.

Unlike WB rests, which are designed to have even contact on all three vanes at the same time, which keeps the arrow straight and true(if setup correctly).

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