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How 'territorial' are pronghorn?
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cnelk 22-Jul-18
Deertick 22-Jul-18
uteangler 22-Jul-18
Jims 22-Jul-18
petedrummond 22-Jul-18
Jims 22-Jul-18
LKH 22-Jul-18
HUNT MAN 22-Jul-18
Rackmastr 22-Jul-18
From: cnelk
Ive been doing some scouting and was wondering how territorial pronghorn are.

Been seeing some good bucks, but will they stay around?

From: Deertick
The bucks in my neighborhood are reliably within a 2 mile radius about 80% of the time, and that radius seems to decrease for the bigger bucks (that can hold a harem) in September. By October, after the rut, through about April, I don't know how to predict things.

From: uteangler
Bucks on our place are generally in the same couple miles. They will disappear for a day or a few days at a time in September, but generally show right back up to their turf.

The bucks on our place get water religiously at the same hole or sometimes 2 ,within their "home area".

Of course, when the first rifle shot is fired, all bets are off.

From: Jims
I would agree with the above posts. Antelope bucks generally stay within a 2 mile radius from summer into early fall. Water holes drying up, hunting pressure, and October snow can change things. I've been in a few locations in Wyo where there are hundreds of antelope in Sept but once there is a deep snow....usually in Oct/Nov the area is void of antelope. Other locations in Wyo the antelope tend to winter in the same areas as they summer. This can vary considerably from one location to another....and sometimes one winter to the next. With that said, I would expect bucks to be in the same general area from late July through the end of Sept. Once hunting season starts they may spend more time out of sight or over a hill from main/2 track roads.

From: petedrummond
It seems to me once a buck has rounded up a bunch of ladies he's a lot less territorial.

From: Jims
From what I've seen....does tend to be somewhat territorial and stay in the same spots once the rut kicks in. As mentioned above they'll likely water in the same spots as long as their waterholes don't dry up or if there is lots of hunting pressure. There may be a few loner bucks that hang out in seclusion during the summer that may join does for the rut. From what I've seen there aren't many bucks like that...but it is always a bonus if one mysteriously shows up! Generally speaking.. I see the same bucks now that I find in the same vicinity during archery season.

From: LKH
Not sure if it's universal but once the rut starts many bucks claim a small territory and stay pretty close.

I have found bucks to stay tight to a mile plus home range until the pressure starts . Found one a few years back and keep Tabs on him all summer. Killed him 100 yards from where I first saw him on opening day. Hint

From: Rackmastr
I've found them to be really territorial, especially if they are a dominant buck with a herd of does. Once the rut is on, they are extremely territorial in my experience. I've watched them all summer and seem to be able to locate a big buck within a mile or two of one direction. Sometimes water will dictate some travel as some seem to travel a bit of a ways to water each day.

Once the rut is on, they are one of the most aggressive animals to watch put the chase on other critters. Very cool critters to watch in the rut!

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