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Colorado 3/301 antelope camping
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badbull 22-Jul-18
wildwilderness 24-Jul-18
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badbull 25-Jul-18
wyliecoyote 29-Jul-18
From: badbull
I am an old guy whose son has this bow tag and wants to take his 20 year old daughter to share this hunt experience. I want to help him by pulling a camping trailer into the unit. I drove the far s/w and far n/e perimeters scouting for a camping spot. The numbers of goats seen in these areas was not good. My question is " does anyone know of a good access point for a trailer (18') and /or area for camping?". My son likes to "spot and stalk" antelope and we are bow only hunters. Any pm info would be greatly appreciated and can help with diy Wyo. Bow ant. Info if needed. Thanks............badbull

If spot and stalk is what he wants drive the northern border by WY and the river. Lots of spots to park a trailer and black top road. not many waterhole hunters by the river. The biggest antelope in the unit are in the middle on private. Raftopolos ranch in the NW corner always has a lot of lopes in it but they don’t always come out of the fields

From: Highway Star
There is a campground in Maybell if you want water and shower. Don't know price but it was cheap a few years ago. There is also a lot of BLM land you can camp for free, but you will need GPS or a map.

From: badbull
Thanks wildwilderness and Highway Star for the info. I was thinking of camping near that blacktop road and. trying that NE area and working toward the South and center using my maps and GPS with Colorado landowner chip. I have cautioned my son not to be too optimistic on this one. As dry as it is, I will also have him keep that river in mind.....badbull

As stated lots of camping off the blacktop or even further in on some of the county roads that go south. Plenty of Antelope in that unit. should have several chances to stalk them. Enjoy!

From: wyliecoyote
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