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Is it worth the output?
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From: Bea
Its been a while since I posted here....still check in often tho. Anyways, I've done plain games with my recurve, hunted 7-8 US States, and about half of Canada. As a backround....I'm kinda looking to amp my adventures up a bit....Ive always wanted to hunt Cape Buff.....but on the retirement budget....10-12 G just isnt in the cards. So my searching....I see some great prices on Cow Buff hunts. I know they are not as impressive...but they are still big and mean. And in some respect....thats the thrill I'm looking for. What's your thoughts on travelling all that way for a cow buff? Yay or Nay? ps- I understand its a personal decision when push comes to shove....just looking for opinions.

Before I’d spend $$$$$ to go kill something in some other far away land, I’d be so tired of hunting in America and Canada that doing so would be my only option. And, I’d save money to fish more in the off season. That’s my .02. God Bless man.

From: Zebrakiller
To me it's the same hunt. Spot and stalk a buffalo in the Bush is awesome. You could probably do two cow hunts and still be under that amount.

From: Bowfreak
Have you considered wter buffalo in Oz? From what I understand it is considerably cheaper than Africa. Just a thought.

From: PAstringking
Honestly I dont know that you are going to get the hunt you are looking for unless you are very very careful who you book with. Most operations in SA are going to hunt Buff from a waterhole or feed area. Some will try spot and stalk and some are successful. But most are going to want you to sit water for best success.

For a cow...this might even be more true. Again...not saying all...but most arent going to want to put in the effort and danger of tracking and stalking buffalo to shoot a cow.

Just my .02

All the same. A hunt is what "you" make it, and what "you" want it to be...

From: APauls
I'd be inclined to agree with Pat on this one, but it's all up to you. The $ thing is prob spot on once you add it all up. Water Buff in Australia are done all spot and stalk and are very conducive to that hunting style. Look up Ironbark Outfitters if it sparks your interest at all. He's a sponsor on here.

From: Trial153
I wouldn’t. Pretty much all the cost are the same except the buffalo, so in that case I would spend the extra and hunt a bull for the same expenses.

From: Dale06
Been there and done it. Cape buff bull from a blind. It was great. Unless there is a huge spread in total cost, I’d go for a bull.

I was just in Limpopo and my PH was offering cow hunts for $2500, I did not take him up on it and now I kinda regret it! Sometimes they will have non trophy bull hunts for under 5k too! PM me if you want a contact as I have a couple that offer discounted hunts

From: Bea
Thanks for all the replies everyone. Every post makes some sense lol. decisions decisions ! K in colorado. I sent u a pm.

From: Bushwacker
Go for it! I want one also....waiting on the pics

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