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Pop-up Blind fan
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bowbender77 23-Jul-18
dave cahilly 23-Jul-18
HUNT MAN 23-Jul-18
BOWUNTR 23-Jul-18
Shug 23-Jul-18
kscowboy 23-Jul-18
drycreek 23-Jul-18
From: bowbender77
Would like feedback from anyone that has tried a fan for cooling down a pop-up blind on there early season Antelope hunts. Just looking for a way to deal with the heat besides hunting in the buff. THX !

From: dave cahilly
I used one for my hunt. basically hold it in one hand directed toward your body

I have used on for years. 12 inch from Walmart. Add a misting bottle and it helps a bunch. Never had them hear the fan either.

Soaked absorbant towel... swamp cooler effect. I'll fight mother nature for a big coues deer... Ed F

From: Shug
Working as a pizza man ( makes better pizza than Tim) I learned to keep a couple of rags in a small cooler of ice water. Regularly replace them around your neck... they work wonders at cooling you off

From: kscowboy
Shug, I laughed. Good one!

From: drycreek
I've used the Walmart type that Hunt spoke of, but hog hunting in the summer. Ran it off of a 12v gel cell battery. Only ran it 3/4 hours though, so I don't know how long it would last. I always did my goat hunting middle to last of September, so I usually wasn't too hot. Wyoming being what it is though, it might be 90* or it might be 40*. :-)

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