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Reminder--Get WSF Memberships Current
Wild Sheep
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kscowboy 23-Jul-18
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Kurt 23-Jul-18
Rackmastr 24-Jul-18
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From: kscowboy

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Just a friendly reminder to get your Wild Sheep Foundation memberships current or join before going on your hunts. I'm not a big scoring/awards guy but sheep are different and deserve to be honored. A friend missed-out on an archery award last year because he wasn't current with his membership. It's a great organization with great magazines and their convention in Reno is awesome. Your money is well-spent joining WSF.

Just a friendly reminder--you'll regret not joining once you are standing over that monster ram this year! I posted a link to the WSF North American Awards qualifications for your convenience.

From: Treeline
In for life...

From: Kurt
Yup, life membership for me as well. Excellent conservation organization.

From: Rackmastr

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Great reminder!!! Also, for anyone heading up to BC to hunt Stones or Bighorns (or anyone who has been lucky enough to hunt here in the past), take a look at joining the Wild Sheep Society of BC.

Current membership drive going on right now and so far I've referred a dozen new members. Membership is at the highest its ever been and there are some great funds being put on the ground for sheep conservation work.

If you decide to draw, I'd appreciate the referral. The more people we can get joining multiple groups, the stronger our voices!!

From: NvaGvUp
Summit Life Member here.

You, too can do this!

From: Rackmastr
The sheep world sure is full of amazing dedicated people!!! A group that never ceases to amaze me and makes me proud to be a part of the fraternity....

From: njbuck
Life Member here!

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