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Whitetail Deer
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From: Thornton
It has always been exciting to me to get new hunting spots. Sometimes just talking to a complete stranger will open up doors you never knew were there...

I was mowing a WalMart a few weeks ago and stopped in a Burger King to grab something to eat. I noticed a farmer waiting on his food and found out he owns 3000 acres near a town I'm very familiar with in SE KS about an hour east of me. After trading stories, we both found out share mutual friends. He told me the only person that hunts his land is his son and he would be open to leasing.

Today, I was mowing another yard and noticed the neighbor was spraying weeds and I asked him what he paid for the herbicide. I then pointed out to him he could get it much cheaper at the weed dept. his face lit up and he said, " you know what? I knew that because I have a farm but I completely forgot about it!" This caused me to ask where he owned land and long story short, he has 200 acres on the river that I used to rabbit hunt on as a young boy! His late father used to let me hunt 25 years ago! After trading stories of who we knew and who we were related to, he said, "Come by the house and I'll write you permission when you're ready to hunt"

I'm not mentioning these to brag by any means. In a society that has it's head buried in a smart phone and few people are personable, it sometimes pays to be old fashioned.

Good for you

Looks nice.

From: Buffalo1
Being nice pays !! Good for you.

From: Treeline
Very nice! The way it should be for access to private property. Good luck this fall!

From: Shaft
Looks like you were at the right place at the right time! Good luck!

From: tkjwonta
Dang, I need to start mowing more lawns!

From: Bill Obeid
Now that's a refreshing tale..... that takes me back to a time gone by.

All is not lost in this great country of ours. There are still pockets of hospitality all over the Midwest. I'd like to publicly thank all the farmers that have trusted me to be a good steward of their property. My life has been immeasurably enhanced because of the kindness of others. Seems the more you pay it back , the more opportunities present themselves.

From: drycreek
That sounds good !

But where were you when I was mowing my yard in 100* heat today ? :-)

From: Tradorion

I love knocking on doors and talking to folks- and 90% of my hunting spots come this way.

Never under rate the power of being social.

Also- never underestimate the small tracts.

I once has an 8 acre parcel that was the pinch point between two large pieces- fields and wood lots to the east and timber/mixed hardwoods to the west.

That 8 acres was the most consistent place I have EVER hunted!

From: Grunter
I'm always poking around trying to find hunting land or just hunting for antlers on land. Have got a few spogs that way, but haven't found any antlers on them yet. I'll keep trying. Way to go though, that's really all it takes. Just finding some things in common and chatting. Goes a long way

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