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From: rix102
From: rix10224-Jul-18Private Reply EDIT I’m trying to pick new arrows for an upcoming moose hunt. What’s your opinion on the Easton 5mm FMJ 340’s? I shoot a Mathews Reezen dL 29” dw 64lbs. The FMJ @ 11.3 gpi, a 125 gr Grizz Trick broad head with a 75 gr insert will give me 522 gpi. Thoughts?


From: Ucsdryder
That’ll do it! I’d go axis pro but either way! I also like a 2 blade cut on contact but that head will more than do the job.

From: carcus
Might not need the 75gr insert, my moose arrow is 480 gr and I shoot them out of 70 pound rpm tipped with a exodus, they are devastating

From: Bou'bound
I just built a dozen of those exact arrows this weekend for the first time. Mine are 534 g. Holy crap do they penetrate. Awesome

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