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bigmartbowhunter 25-Jul-18
ElkNut1 27-Jul-18
trophyhill 27-Jul-18
Dyjack 27-Jul-18
I usually see bull elk in open staging areas, looking at my recent trail cam pictures I have some nice bulls with a lot of cows and calves around, I have not seen this before this early at about 8200 ft. what are your thoughts.

From: ElkNut1
Actually it's fairly common. I have quite a few late July & Aug trail cam photos with quite the mixture every year. You still have your bachelor groups too. Elk are elk & sorta do what they want. Some of those bulls with the cows will be a part of both groups in their travels. They're just flesh & blood critters like we are! Good luck & keep track of those cow groups!


From: trophyhill
I've seen this in southern CO. Big herds with several bulls just going about their business like herd animals do.

From: Dyjack
I just try to remember "the moment I think I've figured them out, they make me a liar".

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