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Solo Elk Hunt, last season
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Paul@thefort 25-Jul-18
Lark Bunting 26-Jul-18
olebuck 26-Jul-18
From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Since you guys are "biting the bit" to go elk hunting I thought I would reincarnate my archery elk hunt from last year here in Colorado. The title is, My Elk Challenge. I will bring it back up as soon as I can find it, ie, March 5, 2018, and it will follow this post. Some of you have follow it but maybe there are a few guy who have not. Anyway, enjoy. my best, Paul

From: Lark Bunting
Always an inspiration. Best of luck (and preparation) this season!

From: olebuck
Good luck, your one of the guys i wish i could hunt with. Turkeys in particular......

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