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Alaska Black bear
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From: Mike-TN
I have hunted AK for moose and caribou and am very interested in a spring black bear hunt. Would be very intrested in hearing about successful tactics, cost of the trip and components of cost. Knowing there is always transportation cost in AK I would like to do this myself but would also be interested in hearing options for assistance. Mike

I would look at the SE area, probably Prince of Wales since its know for big black bears. The problem is most people know that, and those units are now Draw for Non-Residents. So you would have to put in the draw in December 2018 to be drawn for either a Fall 2019 hunt or a Spring 2020 hunt. Long way out, but it would give you time to plan! For a spring hunt rent a good boat and cruise the shoreline in bays looking for big bears feeding on the grass, then stalk them. pitch a tent in a protected spot and watch the tide.

From: Shug
Get in touch with Blacktail Bob he has a few rental properties that I believe have a good number of bears around

Alaska doesn’t have to be an expensive place to hunt. Black Bear are Alaska’s version of raccoons. They can be everywhere if you are in the right area. For a cheap black bear hunt just fly into Anchorage and rent any kind of rental car. Pull off at every vantage point and glass. The best time is in August or September when the blackies are on the berries above tree line. Camp at the numerous campgrounds or pull offs or get hotel rooms depending on your budget. You can do this hunt easily for less than $1500 including airfare from the lower 48 and non resident tags. Know the regs for the area you are hunting as they vary a lot. Good luck.

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