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DIY Trail Cam Mount
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StrungOutOutdoors 27-Jul-18
BullBuster 27-Jul-18
Fuzz 27-Jul-18
Scrappy 27-Jul-18
bumpinblaze4x4 27-Jul-18
grubby 27-Jul-18
A lot of you may be familiar with this method. Others new to hunting and the forums may not be, so I just wanted to share, as its very cheap, effective, and simple to do.

From: BullBuster
I’m not new here but that was new to me and very cool. Thx

From: Fuzz
Slick idea. Thanks for sharing.

From: Scrappy

Scrappy's embedded Photo
Scrappy's embedded Photo
A super simple mount.

these are great; i've used them for a couple seasons. Another add on to this same concept is to use another bolt rather than the screw. You can mount them to a 5ft carden stake and use them anywhere you can put a stake in the ground. I like them for field edges, food plots, etc. where there is no tree to mount it to. Just put the eye bolt through the hole in the garden stake and use a wingnut on the back.

From: grubby
I don't know if all Moultrie cameras are the same but mine have 10-32 thread instead of the 1/4 20 that is standard

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