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From: OntarioJoe
Anyone have experience with ordering cut arrows from this store (or any other online based shop). I live in a very remote area and we just don't have a good place for custom arrows.

From: x-man
I always suggest Lancaster Archery Supply. They have the best selection and best service. Their pricing is "average", but you get exactly what you order, and the person on the phone almost always knows exactly what you should need.

I bought a lot of my supplies from them at wholesale when I had my archery shop open. Very rarely did they not have what I wanted in stock.

From: Franklin
I have not used them in a while but when I did I had no exactly what I ordered.

From: Buffalo1
No knowledge of business you are inquiring about.

Years ago I did a lot of business with FS Arrows in California. The were good folks and provided quality arrows and service. Maybe someone else has had recent experience with them and could respond in the conversation.

From: nvgoat
x2 on Lancaster. Reliable service and products.

From: Trophyseeker
X3 on Lancaster Archery

From: HDE
X5 for Lancaster.

I ordered arrows from and had them cut as well, they do a great job..

From: Tradmike
Landcaster is the best, u can buy 1 arrow or 50 or any amount. Great service, quick delivery.

From: Scar Finga
FS arrows is a family owned business and they are getting pretty old, Very slow service and not available if you have a question... I heard the kids want nothing to do with the business, still the original owners running it. It used to be a great company and still do a good job, just not what they where. Lancaster is great, and you get what you order and can call and get good straight honest answers.

From: JTV
go Lancaster and dont look back

From: bowhunter55
Definitely Lancaster Archery!

From: Boris
For what it's worth, get yourself a arrow cut-off saw. Then you won't have to worry about it. I did.

From: PECO
Before I got my arrow saw and Bitz, I used Hunter's Friend a few times and they were great. I've got shafts from Lancaster but not fletched. Prefletched alum XXGamegetters from 3 Rivers Archery are great, quick, and inexpensive if you want feathers on aluminum.

From: carcus
Jo Brooks outdoors in Brandon Manitoba, or heights archery in Winnipeg, both top notch arrow builders

From: OntarioJoe
Thanks for the info everyone. And carcus, I bought my mathews at heights archery. And you're right, it's a great shop!

If he has the shafts you want, you can’t beat Big Jim’s bow shop. Limited on shaft selection compared to a super store but, he does have the most popular choices. Top notch service. Great prices. Super quick handling and shipping.

From: boobowmen
I bought arrows from archery warehouse and they were just what I ordered. I bought an arrow saw from them a while back and now I just get shafts from them.

From: APauls
I’m also a Heights guy in Winnipeg love those guys

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