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Mike-TN 28-Jul-18
SixLomaz 28-Jul-18
TK 28-Jul-18
BIG BEAR 28-Jul-18
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Schmitty78 29-Jul-18
From: Mike-TN
I am making a 6x6 blind that will sit on a 6x10 platform about 8’ feet off ground. For those who have constructed your own.... what would you recommend for windows? Need something that would work for gun or bow.

Thanks Mike

From: SixLomaz
round shaped with magical curtains from your local arts and crafts store

From: TK
Check out Deerview windows. They make them in all shapes & sizes.

Shadow hunter blinds also sells their windows for home made blinds......

From: t-roy
Deerview windows X2.

From: drycreek
Deerview seem to be the window of choice for most of the Texas guys. On my home made bow blinds there's only camo netting. On my fiberglass blinds, hinged glass windows like the Deerview.

From: Schmitty78
I like the Deerview windows, but wish I would have done the hinged windows instead of the sliders. The aluminum frames and some moisture and they freeze shut on you. I really like that you can custom order whatever size window you need with them. I was able to get 20”x6’ windows to fit in my 8’x8’ blind. They’re great to shoot a bow through

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