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Cam Lean
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Ironbow 28-Jul-18
Ermine 28-Jul-18
Brotsky 28-Jul-18
Flynarrow 28-Jul-18
From: Ironbow
I have an older Hoyt Vectrix XL that I recently changed strings on. The old strings had the floating yoke, and I never had a problem with cam lean, and the bow shot great. The new strings have the split yoke, and the cam lean is bad. When I use an arrow and line the cam up with the string, it is off 1/4" (measuring about 12" down from the cam) at rest. I have twisted the right side yoke 20 twists trying to get it to straighten up with little movement. I feel like I am overloading one side of the limbs. I even swapped yokes from side to side.

At full draw on my draw board, and a straight edge placed across both cams, they are straight. Bare shafts have a slight kick but group with fletched shafts at 20 yds.

Is this a problem? Frankly, I miss the floating yoke. Never had a problem with it.

From: Ermine
Cam lean is normal on a properly tuned Hoyt. I’ve never had a Hoyt that tuned correctly with zero cam lean

From: Brotsky
Can lean at full draw is what you need to avoid. If it’s straight at full draw you are good to go.

From: Flynarrow
I have 2 Hoyt bows, a Rampage XT and a CST, both are properly tuned and have cam lean when static. With an arrow flat against the top cam it begins to cross the string at the nock. FP, BH and mechanicals all have same point of impact.

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