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Antelope Bow Hunt
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ground hunter 28-Jul-18
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Tjw 29-Jul-18
Checking my schedule of hunts, I could squeeze in a goat hunt. I want to do an outfitter hunt, have no time for DIY, since everything else I hunt this year will be a DIY,,,, need to squeeze in, myself only, with an outfitter, on a antelope hunt with my bow,,,,, checking off my bucket list,,,,,,,,

I do not need a trophy animal, just a nice goat for the wall. some good meat to eat,, and a outfitter, who will do the job of getting it on ice, as soon as possible......

Due to my medical conditions,, I should do this asap, but I am in good shape right now, my wife told me to go, ASAP,,,,,,

any suggestions, or any openings,,,,, thanks in advance.....

PS,,,, enjoy your days here, because you never know when things will go south

From: Treeline
Sounds rough, Mike.

You are going to be a bit limited on where you can get a tag. New Mexico has landowner tags that might work or Colorado OTC with an outfitter or maybe Texas.

Try contacting Fred Eichler with Full Draw Outfitters, Scott Limmer with Comanche Wilderness Outfitters in Colorado, or Jeremy Fiscus with Sandy Hills. I think one of those guys would be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.

Good luck!

thanks my friend I will do that

From: INFarmer
Four JS Outfitters is a sponsor out of Colorado

From: Griz34

Griz34's Link
Here is another option if you don't want to travel quite as far. I've never hunted with Routier Outfitting, but I've heard good things and he is always willing to offer his assistance over on the SD forum. Seems like a great guy.

From: Trial153
Second grizes recommendation, I seen some decent goats in that area. Randy is a class act.

From: Dakota

Dakota's embedded Photo
Dakota's embedded Photo
Good afternoon sir,

This is Randy and I have one possible opening the end of August and that would be a good time to come. I also have 4 openings the end of October but that would be a tougher hunt with not as high as success rate. Archery licenses are guaranteed even though you have to send in an application with no deadline. If none of those options help you let me know and I can try to help you find a place that works for your timeline.

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From: Ucsdryder
Hope you find a good one! Best of luck this year. Sounds like you’re ready to enjoy every moment.

From: Forest bows
Four J's is awesome

From: Bob

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Mike, Consider coming to hunt with us. We have two spots available for Aug. 29 th thru Sept. 1 st. I just checked on Wyoming’s web site, there are over 600 licenses still available for our area. Bob

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From: Tjw
good luck on hunt. the rest doesn't sound fun.. good luck man.. peace

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