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Want to hunt a "Pizzly"?
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Too Many Bows Bob 30-Jul-18
loesshillsarcher 30-Jul-18
Ambush 30-Jul-18
Glunt@work 30-Jul-18
TD 30-Jul-18
N8tureBoy 30-Jul-18
Franklin 31-Jul-18
So my wife is reading National Geographic last night and asks me if I know what a "Pizzly" is?

"No", I respond. "It is a cross between a Grizzly and a Polar Bear", she says.

Hmm, I go.

Maybe it would be a shortcut to getting a Grand Slam! Two for one! Or maybe it could be the replacement species for the Quebec/Labrador Caribou that we can no longer hunt so they could still have 29 species?

Yeah, I get silly sometimes.


I was hunting polar bear at the time the time when one of the two Pizzly bears was killed. Went to the taxidermist with the hunter even. It was a cool bear. I believe my guide for Muskox killed the other i know about a couple years later.

From: Ambush
They have become more common, probably because people (biologists) are looking for them. Never heard of them called "pizzly's" rather grolar bears. I hunted muskox on Victoria Island and there was a mounted one in the little airport of Uluhuktuk. The second one killed close to the village. They've also been confirmed in Labrador

Nature at work.

From: Glunt@work
I prefer grolar

From: TD
Yeah..... pizzly sounds like something Tigger would call it...... the Winnie effect....

I'd hunt one in a second but not sure what tag one would need? Also makes me wonder which one was the rolling stone......

From: N8tureBoy
I would much rather have my obituary say I got mauled by a grizzly or polar bear than a "pizzly"

From: Franklin
I thought he was referring to what older men do in their shorts when they sneeze.

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