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From: Robbo
Has anyone tried these and if so how do you rate them? Im wanting to go to a broadhead I can resharpen instead of buying more blades.

From: Lark Bunting
I used a 100 gr on my bull elk last year. Shot was right where it should have been and the elk only ran 50ish yards before he was dead. The head definitely did the job but the tip must have hit rib on the way in or out as it was bent up badly and was not reusable.

All that said, I am testing Slick Trick Viper Tricks and Magnus Stingers for this year's elk hunt.

From: ohiohunter
I suggest vpa, same style but better steel

From: Greg S
I’ve shot two elk with them. Unfortunately both were not the best shots. Both bulls went about 25 yards. The only downside I see to them is they rust like crazy if they get damp at all. We’ve put gun oil on to help prevent this.

From: Bou'bound
I have never thought the G5s were a top head in the array of options.

From: grubby
I shot the Montecs, the CS is definitely easier to sharpen than the other. I have rolled the tip over on them before. I switched to VPA a few years back. It's very similar in style but much better built.

From: pav
I've been shooting Montec G5's for years. Shot everything from turkeys to moose with very good results. They fly great and put animals on the ground. Only complaint would be they are sometimes a "one and done" head. Own too many to consider switching now....but if I were starting from scratch...would have to take a hard look at VPA.

From: MDcrazyman
VPA are much better, much stronger, and sharpen better period.

From: PECO
I have shot Montecs, Hellrazors, and now shoot VPA's. VPA's are superior.

From: SoDakSooner
Shot montecs(original version) for a few years. They do fly great. I shot two deer with them, neither left a decent blood trail. May have been bad luck. One died in sight the other went 30 yards, and left one drop. Luckily it had snowed. Not hard to find anyway but a blood trail would have been nice. Messiest gut job I have ever had. Currently shoot Magnus Stingers or grim reapers depending on the bow.

From: Robbo
Thanks everyone I think I’ll try the VPA

From: RD in WI
I have shot 3 deer with the G5 Montec CS: two spike bucks in SD and one doe in MN. One of the spikes went 50 yards after the arrow went through both shoulders. The deer could not use its front legs and died within sight but left very little blood. The second spike ran about 30 yards in a half-circle and stood facing back in my direction for about 10 seconds, spread its legs a bit wider and stood for another 10 seconds or so before falling down. It never twitched but there wasn't a single drop of blood in the 30 yards it traveled or at the place it died. The doe ran nearly 200 yards in the snow. There was blood wherever she landed after each leap and she died on the run. I think she was spooked by the sound of me drawing a nearly-frozen bow. In short, my experience has been sparse blood trails when compared to other broadheads I have used.

From: Elkoholic
I tried montecs. Sounded like I had a whistle on my arrow.

From: c3
rust buckets, even just in high humidity. get the stainless ones.

cheers, pete

From: W8N4RUT
Killed moose elk and whitetail with hellrazors. Similar head. Great successs.


From: Tracker
They fly really well and the CS are better than the stainless imo. I shot an elk a few years ago with the stainless ones and it was so dull after the shot I couldn’t cut myself if I wanted. I do think there are better options

From: johnw
I've killed an elk and a deer with the G5 Montecs...neither had great blood trails but they can definitely get the job done. They dull really quickly as others have indicated. Elkoholic is also right, they're loud.

For me, they didn't shoot similar to my field points at all, I had to totally re-sight my bow. Not sure if this was me or the broadhead.

I switched to Iron Will 100G this year and they shoot just like the field points and are quieter. If you can stomach the price, its probably worth a shot. They can definitely be resharpened - I just bought a stone to sharpen the ones I've been practicing with. If theres one thing to buy cheap, probably isnt the broadhead.

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