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Mathews Q2XL free to good home
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nvgoat 31-Jul-18
wyliecoyote 31-Jul-18
SoDakSooner 31-Jul-18
yeager 31-Jul-18
jmiller 01-Aug-18
ELKMAN 01-Aug-18
BC173 01-Aug-18
rooster 01-Aug-18
nvgoat 01-Aug-18
Lee 01-Aug-18
From: nvgoat
Mathews Q2XL with SL2-BR cam - 30 inch draw length. Killed a bunch of animals with it. You cover shipping.

From: wyliecoyote
I would love to have it and happy to send postage...anything else you need I could give you??….do you have paypal so I could just send you $35 right now??


From: SoDakSooner
Cool old bow. Always wanted one(not I have more than I need. I actually have an old Ultra 2 I'd like to get rid of...Can't seem to sell for anything.

From: yeager
Bought mine back in 2002, and now it is my back-up bow.

From: jmiller
I still use my Q2XL to this day. Love that bow!

My little brother has been wanting to get his son started. That bow may fit him well. He is 16 years old and 6'-4" tall. Let me know if it could work and I'll send you $50 for the trouble. Thanks

From: BC173
I own 2 of them. I thought the MQ1 was Mathews best shooting bow, till I shot the Q2xl. I bought one, set it up and shot it for a month, then went back and ordered another for a spare. Great bows and still hunt with them.

From: rooster
I gave my Q2XL to my oldest son four or five years back. I don't think he has ever taken it out of the case since.

From: nvgoat
Thanks for the interest. I ended up giving the bow to a bowsiter who was in my town today. Finding a box and dealing with shipping was a pain in the butt.

From: Lee
Best bow I ever owned

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