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Pat is a living legend!
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Mark Watkins 06-Aug-18
Was in Limpopo in early June hunting, our PH used to guide for Dries Visser Safaris and had some wonderful stories every night around the fire! Anyway, we were discussing dangerous situations and the World Famous Pat Mamba story came up, our PH Hein stated he was on the ranch the day it happened and how that one event changed the way PH's in that area used radios forever! Now when I was getting in to blinds I noticed that Hein or the tracker would ALWAYS set the radio on the ledge by the door, ALWAYS!!! When I mentioned after hearing the Pat story he said everybody now places it by the door for this very reason! So Pat set new policy all over RSA!!! Good Job Pat! PS, on another note, Hein was also there the day Tim Wells speared himself! My son said that's it, I'm not hunting with this guy anymore!

From: bentshaft
Lol, your son sounds like a smart man.

From: Russell
They also thought Pat was nuts insisting the PH film his stalk on the cape buffalo.

From: Rut Nut
After my little ordeal with the Timber Rattler, I canNOTimagine letting a mamba slither across my foot! You must have ice-water in those veins Pat!!!!!!!

From: Will
Pat - retell! I dont remember this one... And yes, I could search it... but a "reprint" seems in order!

From: Mark Watkins


That is a scary ass video...and a lesson to be learned, do NOT show that video to your significant other when trying to plan a trip/get her to go to Africa with you! Haha...

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