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From: deerslayer
I've been wearing Kennetreks for a number of years now. With little complaints. I am due for a new pair but can get a smoking deal on Zamberlans through work. (980 Outfitter GTX RR for $280) Just wondering how they compare to the quality and durability of Kenne's? Seems like a decent boot, and for almost half the price of a new pair of Kenne's I am thinking they're worth a shot.

From: Pyrannah
I can’t compare to kennetrecks but they are great (for me)

Go to rei and try a pair on

From: Trial153
I have several pairs of zamberlan boots. I have had only one pair of kennetreks. The kennes didnt work for my foot. The zamberlans work well for me. That a side quiality wise they are both on par with each other. I would say they are worth a shot for you especially at a good price.

From: PoudreCanyon
Had a pair of Vioz - they fit great when I bought them - then I got them wet all the way through, and upon drying, shrank to the point that I couldn’t get them on my feet without pain. Tried boot stretch, freezing bags of water inside of them, and mechanical stretchers to no avail. I emailed Zamberlan on 3 separate occasions asking for advice, refund, a coupon, etc. and never got a response (by my own admission, I had owned them longer than the one year warranty period but had minimal actual wear on the boots). I bought some Lowa’s Instead this time. I won’t buy Zamberlan again, and will tell this story to anyone who wants to hear it.

10 times better boot. It's not even close. The Kenetreks are VERY over rated, and even more over priced when you look at all the corners they cut with build material brands.

I agree with the others, I really liked my Zamberlan Outfitter.....can't remember if it's a 960 or 980. I had terrible luck with the one pair of Kennetrek that I tried. Turned my heels into hamburger.

From: deerslayer
I really don't have any complaints with my Kenne's but with the price I can get the Zamberlans I am thinking it might be a better route this time around.

I guess that was my main question: Considering the way better price point, is the quality of Zamberlan comparable enough to Kennetrek that it would be worth switching companies even though I have no complaints with Kennes?

From: bb
I have two pairs of Zamberlans, They have been really good. They are exceptionally well made, but I buy the welted ones where the sole is sewn and can be replaced.

From: arrowbuck
I bought Zamberlan Wild GTs (because they were highly recommended and had good reviews) about 5 years ago for SW Colorado Drop Camp hunt. We covered tons of ground on that hunt and they did fine although 2 days of solid rain from a Tropical Storm eventually got them soaking wet. Still have them but tried them on this year and realized they didn’t fit “great”. A little loose width wise and in the heel. Went to REI and tried on several boots Including Salomon 4D 3 GTXs and they fit my feet perfectly. Snug but just enough room all around for feet to swell after a few miles. Which brings me to my point. Opinions on boots are only of value if those particular boots fit you well. First go to a few stores and try a bunch of boots on. Be sure to take the exact socks you are planning to hunt in. Keeping in mind that your feet will swell some after a few miles of trudging around, write down the top 3 or 4 brands/ styles that fit you really, really well and THEN ask for people’s opinions on how those perform in the field. Some boots run small, wide, narrow, etc... and may not be a good choice for your feet. I realize you are asking about the Zs because you can get a deal, but there a lots of great boots and deals to be had out there. Proper fit AND a great deal is the best way to go.

From: Padfoot
I checked them out last year, but it came down to the Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX or the Lowa Tibet GTX. I went with the Scarpa's and bought a second pair for backup this year. It all comes down to what do your feet like and then quibbling about the features.

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