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Arrow selection confermation help
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Been meaning to post this request for some time now. I have injuries and impingements to both shoulders and finally had to drop my DW from what has recently become a painful and unmanageable 60lbs down in incremental adjustments till I reached 52lbs which I can handle with no issues. I need new arrows and need some help choosing the correct ones. Here is all the pertinent information I hope. DL-29" DW-52 pounds ATA-33&13/16" Use a release aid with D-loop Bow is a 2014 Darton DS 3714 Bow IBO speed 335-340 80% let off 7" BH Using Bowfinger MadusaMax DA rest Point or broad head weight 100 grain Arrows cut at 29" without insert or knock included Arrow length from end of knock to cut end 29&7/16" I much prefer Beman ICS Precision Hunter carbon arrows More than one chart I have used places me between a spine of 380-420 I'm reasonable sure 400 is the correct spine but would like to confirm before I buy. Thank you, Arthur.

From: Buffalo1
I would suggest 400 spine shafts.

I've recently reduced DW to 52#'s. I talked with several reputable bowhunters who shoot in the low 50ish DW range. They all recommended the 400 spine based on their experience.

I've been quite please with the penetration I'm getting on targets (which I know is not the real benchmark for "realistic penetration, but only an idea") and feel comfortable with the DW/400 spine selection for hunting. I'm using 400 spine with 75 gr insert and 125 gr COC BH's.

From: x-man
No reason to switch arrows when going DOWN in DW.

Thanks for the replies so far. After calling a few friends have my hands on some 400, 340 and 380 spined arrows and will shoot all 3 with FPs and BH's and let the bow choose for me.

From: ElkNut1
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