Determining prevailing winds
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With the advent of Goggle maps satellite photos and similar sources scouting your hunting land/lease/public area from home has become a reality. I was wondering is there a similar way to determine what the prevailing winds will most likely be in an area during a specific time of year such as deer season. I am a little over 3 hours from my new this year hunting land and I will be setting foot on it for the first time in a few days. I have been long range scouting the land intensely by way of goggle maps satellite pictures and due to the topography of the habitat stand placement not likely to be that difficult, but knowing, if possible, what the wind direction is most likely going to be in late October through November VS what I will experience while there in a few days would be a great help in fine tuning my stand location choices. Is NOAA or other similar government source able to provide a hunter with what is the most likely predominate wind direction for a specific area for a each month of the year or are I pipe dreaming? I have been trying to contact and speak with (only source I could think of) the wild life biologist for the district my land is located but have been unsuccessful so far, but will keep trying. Thanks, Arthur.

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Try this

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Well that’s not what I thought

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My suggestions would be to hand stands for all wind directions. However, typically early in the year it will be south/southwest. Once October hits, it seems to be more west and getting to late October into November turning to north/northwest.

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1. If you are hunting close to an airport find out the directions of the landing strips. They are built in accordance to prevailing winds for the area.

2. Contact NOAA for wind direction for a given area. They can provide the wind rose for an area by month.

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Look at the trees in the area that have not been trimmed or otherwise sheltered. They can tell you a lot......and they don't lie.

And best of all.......there's no "app" or a microchip involved, and it's FREE!!!

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Another thing you can do is go to the history page on your weather website and look at the dates you plan on hunting over the last few years. Should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.


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