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Anyone hunt Mark Twain National Forest?
Whitetail Deer
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Jasper 02-Aug-18
ahunter55 02-Aug-18
JTV 02-Aug-18
W 02-Aug-18
ChasingFAHL 05-Aug-18
Shug 05-Aug-18
From: Jasper
My college son and a couple of his buddies from Georgia want to do an out of state bow hunt this fall and are looking at the MTNF. How’s the pressure? Any suggested areas to take a look at? Are there campgrounds? What’s considered a good buck up there? Thanks much! John

From: ahunter55
Southern part of Illinois has some great areas for public. Shawnee National forest S. of there & if you go to DNR web site several other places (some limited & draw & some antler restrictions). ILL. is my home state (in Iowa now) & did good on lots of public back then.

From: JTV
I would think at 1.5 million acres (9 sections/7 of those "Wilderness areas"), there has to be at some deer in there ;0)

From: W
Not the big buck part of Missouri, but could be a good adventure.

From: ChasingFAHL
I have hunted it and I killed my first P&Y off of it. It is big woods which tend to be very hard to hunt. I think that there are much better options to hunt public in Missouri so of which offer camping.

From: Shug
I measure bucks every couple of years for a couple of guys that hunt it yearly.

They tell me they don’t see many deer but if they see 4 bucks in a week two are shooters

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