Ripcord Arrow Rests
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From: grubby
How are you guys quieting your equipment?

From: SixLomaz
Generic question begs for a generic answer. Vibrations turn into sound waves. Get rid of vibrations by experimenting.

I just do like the guys on television do and yell "MEHHHHHHHH" and the deer never hear my bow at all. Just like sex panther, 60% of the time it works every time

From: spike78

spike78's embedded Photo
spike78's embedded Photo
Gearhead bows are pretty innovative. Mine has rubber wrapped around the limbs.

From: Brotsky
Spike, at least you know your bow is impervious to STD's.

From: Ucsdryder
Heavy arrows.

From: Ned
At 5 or 10 yards I’m not too worried about it.

From: JTV

JTV's embedded Photo
JTV's embedded Photo
String Stopper, Pine Ridge speed enhancers/silencers (Lime green thingys on the string), limb silencers... bow is very quiet at 303 fps and 385 gr arrows ..

From: Trial153

From: Scrappy
Whatever came on the bow from manufacturers has been good enough for the deer I hunt.

From: Grubby
No mole skin? Anybody use cat whiskers anymore??

The gearhead looks cool.... is it ribbed?

From: oldgoat
Shoot a longbow and heavy arrows with cat whiskers on string

From: smarba
I cover everything around the arrow shelf, bottom & side of sight, etc. w/ sticky padding or the fuzzy side of Velcro so there is no chance my arrow will accidentally clank against something when I'm loading.

Sims Limbsavers have served me well plus a string stopper. I add a couple of string Sims leeches to string & cable to remove any twang. Chunk of Limbsaver rubber catches my dropaway rest. And as others have said, relatively heavy arrows.

All result in a very quiet bow.

Buy Mathews bow's and summit treestands. Everything else is for obnoxious dummies.

From: Bou'bound
Heavy arrows


From: Buffalo1
I am a big proponent of cat whiskers.

From: spike78
Brotsky, I’m always careful never what you can catch in them woods!

From: Jaquomo
On my recurves I serve about 8" of string on each end with thick poly yarn to dull the string slap. Keep the brace height up in the high 7s. Limbsavers and yarn puffs. It's about as quiet I can figure out how to make it with the 450 grain arrows.

From: carcus
Just got a new bowtech realmX its quiet supposedly putting a coolhandluke after market string stop makes it even quieter, so one is on its way

From: Grubby
Those bows should be pretty quiet now, how about the rest of your gear? Tree stands? Packs? Blinds? Boots? All that stuff can make noise, how do you quiet that down ?

From: elkstabber
A heavy arrow and catwhisker type silencers will go a long ways towards quieting any traditional or compound bow. Last year I shot a compound for the first time in 25 years or so. The first two deer "crouched" at the shot and I lost one. Then I put catwhisker type silencers on the string and the next two deer never crouched. I tie the catwhiskers out of bass fishing jig skirt material. It is the old school "round rubber" because its got more body than the square cross section silicon material.

From: Killbuck
I always used tennis balls in the "speed" pylons on my Jennings S handle!

From: bdfrd24v
Definitely a believer in cat whiskers and heavy arrow.

When someone mentions “cat whiskers” it’s a dead giveaway their over 65:)

From: Drummer Boy
Hay I am only 63 and other than short time using yarn puffs,cat whiskers are all I use.

From: Popeye
I've found with today's gear it's actually the connections/attachment points where you get the most noise. Tip: record yourself shooting with your phone or video camera 2 ft away. You'll be amazed at what you hear differently.

Lastly, do the same at 20 and 40 yds. The timing of bow sounds and the arrival of the arrow are intriguing IMO.

From: Pete-pec
I use Dr. Sholl's mole skin on my arrow rest and shelf. Of course I have dampening systems on the limbs and strings, and also an after market roller glide for my string against the cable guard. Honestly, what really makes all the difference, is drawing without being seen or heard. Once the arrow leaves the string, the other stuff prevents very little in my opinion, except quieting the bow itself. Does silencing the bow really help in that split second of arrow flight? Probably not enough to make a real difference, especially with modern compounds on relatively close game.

From: mano-a-mano
Easier to list sources of noise to quiet. Just wish you could silence the metallic sound of the release. (I really miss fingers and finger tab.) I'd swear the elk always looked at directly at me with that click long before the other noises kicked in. Had one at 20yds do a pirouette to dodge the 300FPS arrow (freaking amazing, not like hunting on TV). As to the bow, I have one that can't get enough dampening despite it being one of the "quietest" Bowtechs when it first came out over a decade ago. I take the quiver off whenever possible for shots on game (it can be loud). I switched rests as my older one got louder with age (either that or I just noticed it more since my kids bows are much quieter than mine). The cable guard rod (has a rubber dampener but still its a tuning fork as far as I can tell.) The string suppressors my kids bows have seem to help but the aftermarket ones I tried on my older bow seemed to add noise. Guess I should just buy a new bow. My bow destroys rubber string suppressors (bowjacks, sims, etc) after a few dozen shots target shooting or a wkd 3D shoot. But they do work when first installed. I'd swear some of the sights I have purchased can also be a bit of a tuning fork too. With the newer dead in the hand bows (kids again) this doesn't seem to be a problem. Stabilizer helped the most with silencing so far; quieter rest was the second best change.

From: Hunting5555
The two biggies for me is shooting a heavy arrow and a good stabilizer. The rest is just factory stuff. With the heavy arrow being by far the biggest difference. Last time I checked, my arrows were around 575 grains out of a bow set on 65#. It's no speed demon, but it's quiet. It's all about absorbing energy. The more energy that can be absorbed by something that doesn't rattle, the quieter your bow will be. Granted a fall away rest and a release will make some level of noise, but there is not much you can do about that.

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