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Poisoning Of Predators
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DL 02-Aug-18
Zbone 02-Aug-18
drycreek 02-Aug-18
Ken Moody Safaris 03-Aug-18
LKH 03-Aug-18
LBshooter 03-Aug-18
StickFlicker 03-Aug-18
From: DL
The latest issue of National Geographic has an article on the poisoning of lions in Kenya. Since Kenya doesn’t allow hunting, predators have no monetary value and local tribes are not tolerating their livestock being killed. The poison kills any other scavenger too. Hmm, an I Told You So memo should be sent.

From: Zbone
Where's animals rights activists when you need them...8^)

From: drycreek
Where else Z, with their heads firmly up there asses !

Kenya is a disaster. Elephant being poached out of existence, lion and everything else consuming the poison dead. All while the antis rejoice in all the good they’ve accomplished there (sarcasm implied). African wildlife cannot exist without sustainable use conservation which means quota based hunting.

From: LKH
One of the really disastrous effects of these practices is it kills vultures and other scavenging birds. Some are becoming endangered.

From: LBshooter
Stupid is what stupid does.

From: StickFlicker
Anti-hunting groups have said, time and time again in interviews, that they would rather see animals extinct than have hunters hunt them. I doubt that they care that this is happening, as long as they won the "stop hunting" battle.

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