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McCree 03-Aug-18
Pigsticker 03-Aug-18
caribou77 03-Aug-18
Ambush 03-Aug-18
Kevin Paul 03-Aug-18
From: McCree
I'm trying to decide between the AGC CUB and KISS. The majority of my hunting is tree stand hunting whitetails in the Midwest. I would like the pack to accommodate my rangefinder and maybe a few small items but I want it to be as minimal as possible and not hinder shooting a bow. Thanks for the input.

From: Pigsticker
I see very little utility for me hunting a whitetail from a stand with either one of these items. I use small binos when stand hunting. My range finder is hanging from a tether. When I am bundled up on stand I really do not want anything protruding from my chest.

From: caribou77
I have owned a cub and now own a kiss max. The kiss protrudes less from your chest. If you get the kiss max you can store your rangefinder in the max pocket. The cub can store it in the front pocket. Neither is "whitetail" quiet. And honestly chest packs are a pain when stand hunting. They add movement and noise. I do use them out west or up north on spot and stalk or wet weather hunts.

From: Ambush
I have the KISS and find it more than enough. I use 10X32 EL's so lots of room and makes for easy, one handed in and out. The back zippered mesh will hold license and tags, side mesh pockets are good for wind checker and the Kuiu range finder pouch attaches perfectly. I don't want a lot of bulk or weight on my chest, that's what a pack is for. And if you have lots of pockets, you will fill them. The bottom zippered pocket could be handy for a phone or small camera, but I wouldn't want more. I finally just gave up on my Kuiu, although it is very light and tight.

But, like pigsticker, if I'm tree stand hunting I often hang my binos (in the pouch) close and handy. Bino's off, quiver on. How's that for backwards.

From: Kevin Paul
You might consider the CUB Hybrid. It is only sold at Black Ovis (think they requested the design) and the range finder pocket is larger than the regular CUB. Plus the two side pockets use a mesh stretch material rather than the zippers. Just picked one up and really like it over the CUB for those reasons.

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