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Bear scent
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coontail 03-Aug-18
LBshooter 03-Aug-18
Shug 03-Aug-18
coontail 05-Aug-18
Chris S 06-Aug-18
DMC65 06-Aug-18
orin 07-Aug-18
From: coontail
Whats the best way to draw bear in to a stand when you cant bait but can use scent. If you spray it too early before a hunt will they come in and lose interest because no bait was found or will more and more bear come in to investigate if you keep the sweet smelling scent refreshed during the fall season

From: LBshooter
Anise or maybe vanilla? Spray on all the vegetation near your stand. I wouldn't invest in that scent stick from conquest, watched the bear whisper guy use it on a barrel and they paid no attention to it whatsoever.

From: Shug
A bucket of dead stinky fish hung 20’ up a tree... could be considered bait

From: coontail
Ok thanks

From: Chris S
Bear Scents LLC in LakeMills WI. Has a great selection of sprays that are awesome. Bacon scented spray is the awesome makes you hungry sitting in stand smelling it makes my mouth water. Love me some bacon ?? !!!!

From: DMC65
Just got some of their jelly donut spray . Get to start baits on Friday so I will let y'all know in a couple weeks how it's Workin !

From: orin
Might want to try the scent balls from Bear Scents LLC, the keep dripping while your not there and keep the bears interested digging around on the ground where the drip is hitting.

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