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Scout 03-Aug-18
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From: Scout
I had a small area cut(size of a football field) for an attempt at making a small plot. It is being stump tomorrow. Not sure what to plant. I live in the northeast and will not be hunting over it, more for viewing deer and turkey. I’m having loam delivered next week, but do not know the PH levels. What should I plant, and where do I buy the seed? There will be some much larger plots in the future, just wanted to start small as I’m very new to this. Any help will be very much appreciated.

From: drycreek
You need to start at the beginning. Too much to learn to get it in one dose on a forum. Go to QDMA's website and read everything they have to read. I don't subscribe to everything they put out, but there's no doubt that you can learn plenty there.

What dry Creek said.

Order the book Quality Food plots from their site.

GL and have fun. It's addictive.

From: nutritionist
I have written 2 books, from soil to success and the perfect acre with a 3rd in the words called the next bite. People can email me or call me for more info and help. That is what i do 24-7-365

obrionag@gmail.com 608-235-0628

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