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Best string for D-loop?
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Russ Koon 04-Aug-18
JTV 04-Aug-18
kentuckbowhnter 04-Aug-18
Ambush 04-Aug-18
Trial153 04-Aug-18
Russ Koon 05-Aug-18
From: Russ Koon
Nearing the end of my supply of d-loop string, and I have no idea what it was in brand or material. It was just whatever the shop had and recommended but the shop is now gone so I'll probably be buying online.

Seems to have been good except for shorter life than I expected using my Carter two-jaw release.

Wondered what would be the best replacement string. I usually buy a couple feet of it, but haven't done so very many times, as I just switched to release shooting a few years ago.

From: JTV

JTV's Link
I buy and only use the Cir-cut Loop material .... ends burn great and it is very tough ...

Gibbs super loop.

From: Ambush

Ambush's embedded Photo
Ambush's embedded Photo
Not sure what brand name, but it’s two millimeter (.080”) and not as stiff as the camo stuff in the link above. Lasts a long time, but I shoot a hook release.

And here is neat trick from another thread. Burn one end and tie on the string. Leave the other end long and tie on. After your peep is in line, serve about a 1/4” of the tail. The loop won’t walk around the string so always pulls the peep into perfect alignment. A bonus is you can easily cut the serving and pick the knot loose to shorten or lengthen your loop.

From: Trial153
Gibbs if your shooting a hook release. If you using a closed jaw hand held that you rotate then bcy 24 for sure.

From: Russ Koon
Thanks for the replies, guys!

Looks like Lancaster has them all available. I'll pick from among your suggestions, maybe get a couple different segments to see which wears best with my caliper release.

Checking the Lancaster site, it appears the minimum shipping charge is about six bucks! I think I'll shop their site some more and see if there's something else I need to order to soften that shipping charge by bundling the orders. Getting a little low on shafts and fletching as well.

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