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Newby: needs help with scouting
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Powder 04-Aug-18
Franklin 04-Aug-18
Powder 05-Aug-18
cnelk 05-Aug-18
Powder 05-Aug-18
Turkeyhunter 06-Aug-18
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newfielander 11-Aug-18
Tao 13-Aug-18
From: Powder

Powder's embedded Photo
Powder's embedded Photo
I'm new to moose hunting this year. I've deer hunted a lot in the past but I'm really looking forward to this September for moose. I'm going on a DIY trip in northern Ontario and I'm hoping you guys can help me out with a couple questions.

I went to the area to do a little scouting and found what I 'think' are moosey looking areas. I've heard in late September during the rut they should still be around water. I've also heard talk about 'moose meadows'. I am attaching a picture of what I think is a moose meadow and I'm wondering: A. is it? B. do they feed on the grasses growing in the picture? C. Can bulls be called out into this or not?

I appreciate any help you can give me. I've got more pictures if that would be helpful.

From: Franklin
The area back between the 2 areas of cover looks good and the smaller growth area way in the back. Out in the middle, not so much.

From: Powder
Thanks for the feedback. I'd love to hear from others too. You can't get enough comments!

From: cnelk
Id be looking for willows that have been tore up from prior years. Maybe even an old a rut pit.

Can you set up a game camera at the far end to monitor any activity?

From: Powder
I went there last week for the first time and won't be able to go back until I hunt. It's a 12 hour drive. I will look at putting cameras up in the future.

From: Turkeyhunter
Bulls will try to swing down wind once they get in close....within 100 yards. Looks like a nice area. Good Luck.

From: wytex
Look for browsed willows. The tops will all be the same length, almost like someone trimmed them. That is where the moose will be feeding. You might find a bull wallow up in the forest. It will be a cleared out spot like a big bed without any grass in it.

From: newfielander
Looks like a great spot to me!! Ofcourse if you can find a high hill somewhere so you can see more area would be better but this picture looks very moosey. When you go hunting to this spot, if its windy always stand on the side of the bog that the wind is coming from. Reason for that is, if you get a bull coming into your call and your standing on the same side of the bog as the wind is going, the chances of you seeing that bull is very slim because like an earlier comment, moose will always (99.9) of the time will come in down wind of you. So if you are standing on the side of the bog that the wind is coming from the moose will have to walk out in the wide open to smell you.

From: Tao
Go back and read the old thread on moose decoying

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