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shorty 04-Aug-18
nmwapiti 04-Aug-18
otcWill 04-Aug-18
butcherboy 04-Aug-18
Sling Shot 04-Aug-18
From: shorty
This year New Mexico is mailing out carcass tags for elk. Has anyone received one yet. With the season only a month away, I thought I should have had one by now. Thanks!

From: nmwapiti
Have had mine for a month or so, but as a resident...

From: otcWill
I have one. NR

From: butcherboy
I have had my oryx and barbary sheep for a while now. If you don't have yours I suggest getting on the phone and finding out before it's too late! It's actually a carcass tag and another tag for antlers/horns.

From: Sling Shot
Thanks guys. I will be on the phone first thing Monday.

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