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Can you sight in react h4 for 10,20,30,4
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Bassmaster9960 04-Aug-18
dave cahilly 04-Aug-18
skookumjt 04-Aug-18
ahunter55 04-Aug-18
I got a new react h4 sight and it says to sight the top two pins in for 20 and 30 and the next two automatically set to 40 and fifty. I don't need anything past 40 and would like to have a ten yard pin.... does anybody know if the tech works if you sight in the top two for 10 and twenty

From: dave cahilly
gos every ten yards so sight it for 10 then the rest will be every 10 yards

From: skookumjt
10 and 20? Should be the same. Under an in difference anyways.

From: ahunter55
what skookum said. I have 20-30-40 for hunting If you walk up under 20 & over you will find little difference or at least not much more than an inch. My 20 is good from 23 to zero. I walk down & up with each pin shooting my BHs & know there max range b/4 much of a difference takes place.

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