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Glove suggestions
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Alzy 04-Aug-18
Alzy 04-Aug-18
Rcarter 05-Aug-18
Rocky D 05-Aug-18
Charlie Rehor 05-Aug-18
Cheesehead Mike 06-Aug-18
elkmtngear 06-Aug-18
LKH 06-Aug-18
APauls 07-Aug-18
GF 07-Aug-18
From: Alzy
Heading to northern bc for a 2 week moose hunt; drop hunt with inflatable boats. Got my gear nailed down- except gloves. What is the best all around glove? Neoprene for kayaking? Gortex?

From: Alzy
Last week of September into first week of October.

From: Rcarter
Kuiu. Guaranteed.

From: Rocky D
I am a wool guy with light merino fingers, fingerless wool, mittens if it gets really cold. If weight isn’t a problem the neoprene would be nice in the wet stuff. Neoprene socks saved me on a spring bear hunt in Alaska.

Two weeks in BC? I would have 4 or 5 pairs for different temps and weather.

A normal hunter will buy 94 pairs of hunting gloves in their lifetime trying to figure out this mystery.

Sitka has many options. Have a great trip! C


Cheesehead Mike's Link
I suggest some neoprene Glacier Gloves. I have the Aleutians and they're very flexible. Lots of other choices too...

From: elkmtngear
"A normal hunter will buy 94 pairs of hunting gloves in their lifetime trying to figure out this mystery".

A true statement, if there ever was one!

From: LKH
You are apt to get wet a lot, at least your hands. I used to get the army surplus wool gloves and put them in a simple heavy unlined rubber work glove that extended above my wrist 3-4 inches. Warm when wet and if you have a couple pairs, easy to switch out but the best thing is they are easy to dry.

From: APauls
Crap, that means I'm 31 years old and can only buy 4 more pairs of gloves :(

From: GF
I think LKH is onto it...

I did a lot of kayaking when I lived in Minnesota, and rolled my boat in one of the Twin City lakes in every month of the year except January. Are used to wear dish gloves over a lightweight pair of liners, and that did just fine because I had a dry top with latex gaskets at the wrist.

So I’d go with some kind of stout waterproof gauntlet over liners of whatever thickness you think you’ll need under the circumstances. Just try to come up with a way to keep water from coming in up by your elbow…

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