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Anyone using Option Archery sights?
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Elkoholic 04-Aug-18
TXCO 05-Aug-18
Elkoholic 05-Aug-18
EZBreazy 05-Aug-18
DEMO-Bowhunter 06-Aug-18
From: Elkoholic
Anyone using option archery sights?

From: TXCO
I use one and really like it: 3 fixed and one slider.

From: Elkoholic
What are your fixed pins set at?

From: EZBreazy
I have two of the Option 8's. Both have 5 fixed at 20, 40, 50, 60 and 70. Really love this sight after hunting with it all last year. No issues.

I have two of them as well, mine are set up on my main and backup bows. I love them. Both are set at 25, 35, 45, etc. I have used them in fixed pin mode along with slider mode depending on how the hunt went down. See no reason to change at this point.

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