Tight Spot Quivers
Sight picture.
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From: Jpayne
I know some of us don't us sights, or a peep (I started using one in April) I Started thinking about this recently when it was brought up at work. What is your sight picture? With all the firearms training I have done, it was always blurry rear sight, blurry target, crystal clear front sight. also depending on the gun it's either point of aim point of impact (cover the target) or "pumpkin on a post." I have done the same with my archery and kept the target covered by the pin, while keeping the pin (front sight) crystal clear. What do you do?

From: PapaSmurf
I do not use sights. Some how, some way, I am able to focus on the spot on the target, burn a hole in it, and everything else is a blur. I shoot right handed, am left eye dominant, so if I try to line things up visually, I’ll miss everything. So, from the beginning I’ve shot by just not looking at anything but what I want to hit once I address the string. Has been good to me...

From: drycreek
I pretty much swap between the pin and the target, quickly of course, then let 'er rip. The pin is the last thing I focus on though. The rear sight analogy (peep) doesn't come into play because you can't focus on it anyway, it's just a mechanism to provide a positive alignment.

I guess I should qualify that by explaining that I don't shoot long yardages. Thirty is my max anymore because of my screwed up right eye. Unless I close one eye, I see double images at distance.

From: Rocky D
I focus on the target with the sight superimposed on my aim point. My sight picture check is align my peep aperture around my pin housing.

From: x-man
Rocky D X2

From: midwest
How to develope target panic....

1) Focus on the pin.

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