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Longshaft 05-Aug-18
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From: Longshaft
Hey guys,

It's been a long time since I posted on here. I figured that this was the best place to ask for advice. I was fortunate in drawing a 21 archery deer tag this year. Unfortunately, I have not been able to scout it this year. I drew in 2015 and spent some time near Douglas pass and rathole ridge. I didn't see a deer that really excited me and I turned the tag in. This year looked better, so I'm back at it. My question is how have the bucks been looking this year, and if I go back to the same areas, is that my best bet for a chance at a shooter? Also, I would love to spend some time fly fishing if possible, so are there any good streams near there to wet a line? Thanks for any and all help. If anyone needs advice on utah elk on the Wasatch, I would love to help. Thanks.

Longshaft, I've been up about 6 times this summer, Sorry but I have not seen a deer that would make me even want a tag,,, Last year I saw, 4-5 bucks over 180, but only two weekends,,, I'm sure the better bucks are in there bachelor groups on private property. I have not been concentrating on deer,,,, watching movement of elk,,,, and what water is still running!!

Second,,, Your a long ways from any good water to fly fish!! couple hours anyway!!


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