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NM Bulls 2018
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NorCalVineyards 05-Aug-18
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Red Sparky 06-Aug-18
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Barrera 08-Aug-18
I’ll be hunting the first archery season and back again for the youth hunt with my son in Early October. With the dismal rainfall and the talk of sub par antler growth, how’s are those bulls shaping up now that we are into Aug? Flying out for a quick scouting trip the third week in August, checking cameras and brushing in a ground blind or two. Man, the last 30 days are the hardest to get through!

From: trophyhill
What unit are we talking? Some areas are getting rain, and some aren't.

North part of 16E and 23

From: Elkslaya
Been several good yellow and red cells on the radar moving thru the Gila the last several weeks. My guess is things are starting to green up finally! When we were in the Gila 3 weeks ago, green shootz were popping up in isolated areas, I’m just not sure everything’s been getting rain. Silver City has been getting dumped on. Looks like Reserve and areas south of Magdalena have received some good dumps of rain. Winston too. We’re heading down again next weekend hopeful that dry tanks are starting to fill, and grass turning green. Although the Gila bulls always seem to find the nutrition needed for good antler growth. With such little rainfall this year, more raghorns than usual may be the consequence.

From: Treeline
Do you notice more broken tined bulls on dry years?

From: jdee
NM has been getting good monsoon rains for few weeks now. Magdalena got so much rain a few weeks ago the run off hit San Antonio, NM and wiped a lot of things out. Don’t know about 16e right now but 36 has greened up big time !! The elk are looking good here.

From: Red Sparky
Went to Reserve a while back and the first time I ever remember a lake on the plains by the VLA.

Who's out scouting and can notice any difference from this least over last year in terms of growth?

From: Barrera
Will be helping a good friend on his bow hunt in 16e on the 1st season as well. Good luck NorCal. Did you draw or go through eplus?

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