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Anybody else have a labrum tear?
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Awalter 06-Aug-18
Moons22 06-Aug-18
Steve H. 06-Aug-18
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Tilzbow 06-Aug-18
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YZF-88 06-Aug-18
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12yards 07-Aug-18
Silver 07-Aug-18
elkmtngear 07-Aug-18
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Surfbow 07-Aug-18
Dyjack 07-Aug-18
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Shug 07-Aug-18
Awalter 09-Aug-18
grossklw 09-Aug-18
grossklw 09-Aug-18
jrb(CO) 09-Aug-18
From: Awalter
Anybody else have a labrum tear did it get better with out surgery?

From: Moons22
I tore it in high school (just graduated college). The only reason I had the surgery is because I was a pitcher, and wanted to continue playing in college. Doc said surgery was necessary to get back into pitching, not necessary to go on with everyday life. Scar tissue should tighten it up and you’ll be alright. Good luck

From: Steve H.
I had both sides repaired. One was really bad and had original surgery then cleanup surgery two years later. Admittedly it has taken longer to get it back to (mostly) full bore than I expected. My left hasn't been a big deal at all and is in pretty good shape. PT is significant in post surgery recovery.

From: gobbler
I’ve had one for 4 years. I didn’t want to have surgery until I absolutely had to. So far it’s been controlled enough to shoot my bow by having cortisone shots a couple times a year

From: Tilzbow
Had one and probably still do. Strengthened my right shoulder with 12 seasons of PT and I continue to do the exercises every time I shoot and at least three times per week if I don’t shoot. So far so good and I’m able to shoot and do everything pain free. I’ve had three shoulder surgeries and don’t want to have another....

From: Proline
Yup. Couldn't even pick a plate up out the dishwasher and lift it into the cabinet. Had surgery in early February. Lot of PT afterwards but was shooting bow by August 1.

From: bowhunter24
I thought and dr. thought I had rotator cuff problem and could barely pull a bow back so last Nov 28 after hunting season I had surgery and the bigger problem was the bicep was torn at labrum. He re-attached the bicep to bone. With 3 months off work and therapy 3x week I'm good to go now, bow season come on!

From: YZF-88
I’ve had both arms done. One arm twice. Most recent one definitely took longer to heal but it was necessary.

From: BullBuster
Dislocated shoulder at 18. Have Bankart and SLAP tears. Never repaired. I regret that because now I have premature arthritis. Too late to fix according to Ortho. I’m 54.

From: Shawn
Yup, in both shoulders, the left shoulder was pretty bad and had surgery in early July and was actually shooting a light bow by mid August. The second in my right shoulder was done in Jan and I was back to shooting full weight 65-70#s by March. A lot depends on how quick you heal and doing what PT person tells you to do!! Shawn

From: Burly
Had my left one tear plus RC, and biceps tendon. Took almost a year to get back to near normal. Sucked as I had to miss one bow season but am pretty good now.

From: 12yards
Funny this thread was started. My oldest son got his MRI results back yesterday. His is almost completely torn. Diving for a baseball in the outfield. Surgery in September.

From: Silver
Tore my right shoulder rock climbing a few years back (Bankart tear, basically delaminated the labrum from the bone). Tried PT for a couple years and then went for surgery when that didn’t work. I wish I would have done it much earlier- surgery was March 28, was climbing by July and hunting sheep by August.

Talk to your doc, find a surgeon you trust, and listen to your PT. It was worth doing in my case.

From: elkmtngear
Yep, torn labrum, rotator cuff, and proximal biceps tendons in my right shoulder.

I just received my second dose of PRP (Platelets). I still shoot my 65# bow, but daily physical therapy has become a way of life. It really helps keep everything tight, and working correctly.

From: Jarhead
This is one surgery I wouldn't be afraid of. Had it - and until I read this thread I haven't even thought about my shoulder tear in years. I'm a big guy and old... and can shoot... do pull-ups etc. Good luck.

From: Surfbow
I have a minor tear from about 14-15 years ago. 99% of the time I don't even notice but once in a while it will pinch a bit, i don't need surgery...

From: Dyjack
I had a good one in my right shoulder. It went out of place all the time after ignoring it for a year. Surgery was good I haven't had any issues with it. That was a little over 6 years ago. Granted I don't do the stuff that tore it anymore.

From: Stoneman
I tore my labrum around March 2017. After initial diagnosis of impingement syndrome I followed the standard pt - exercises. This was not effective. Went back for a MRI and discussed surgery etc. with orthopedic dr. Tried cortisone shot - nada

June 27 this year - I had the umbilical cord stem cell injection followed by weekly pt, deep tissue massage, chiro, etc. Followed that up with prp on July 19th (part of this facilities overall regenerative program)

Shoulder is far from 100% but I can shoot my bow. Of course I could shoot the bow before, but I want it back to normal.

This thread is not the norm, I have heard a lot of bad reports from shoulder surgery. Might be age related. I am still glad I opted out of surgery at this point.

From: Shug
Yep... and I retore it shortly after the surgery...Had to turn my bow weight down to shoot... originally right before and after the surgery I drew the bow with my teeth

From: Awalter
Thanks guys for all the information I fell last night bowfishing on my arm and I think I hurt it worse so surgery is probably in my future how long before you could shoot again?

From: grossklw
SLAP and bankart tears are two very different tears and two very different surgeries. Many of the new ortho's do not recommend surgical repair for a SLAP tear as some of the newer studies are showing that our outcomes are less than stellar. 90's- SLAP tear, "quick, everyone fix it, something's wrong we need to fix it" 2000's- SLAP tear, "Maybe we should fix this because something's wrong...I think" 2010's- "Maybe we shouldn't be fixing this because we're making it worse and many people live just fine with this thing".

Talk to your ortho, make a decision, try the conservative route first, if you don't get anywhere then maybe decide on something more aggressive at some point. Don't just assume everything gets better with surgery. Me personally, I have an MRI confirmed SLAP tear and went the conservative route and did fine in high school; I'm not a fan of SLAP surgeries and neither is the sports medicine ortho group my PT clinic works with; but certainly understand it gets to a point where people will try anything to get some relief. A bankart/dislocation is a whole different animal, I'm opting for a knife in that case.

From: grossklw
Also-SLAP tear surgery is recommended with certain patients with specific types of SLAP tears, didn't put that in there (but usually used as a last resort)

From: jrb(CO)
Yes. Slipped and fell chasing bugles down a mountain about 6 years ago in a light rain. Bankhart fracture that grew back "slightly off" with labral tear. Finally could not shoot my bow due to pain last season. Had surgery in March at age 56. I am shooting 65# now with pain, but I'll be damned if I miss elk season. It does seem to be a little better with each passing week

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