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Evidence of sex Idaho
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sasquatch 07-Aug-18
LKH 07-Aug-18
Mt. man 07-Aug-18
TheTone 07-Aug-18
From: sasquatch
Reading the regulations for Idaho as this will be my first elk hunt in that state. Am I reading it correct that you need to leave evidence of sex attached no matter what? I have an ANY ELK tag so I can’t quite grasp the purpose or am I missing something?

From: LKH
Yup, I hate to say this but you are right. When I was an Idaho resident I asked a warden and I got the "that's just the way it is" answer. Head is evidence.

I don't see why this is such a big deal for us. You're talking about 3-4 ounces.

From: Mt. man
Yes, the powers that be still can't understand that most archery hunts are either sex anyhow. Head does count, but usually I leave just the testicles zip tied in a baggie barely attached.

The powers that be have not advertised it much either but IDFG voted just recently to ban all urine based cover scents as well thinking they are making great steps in preventing CWD. Some piss spray is not going to bring CWD here. The worthless high fence elk hunting farms in SE Idaho and Riggins area will be the ones who bring CWD to Idaho and IDFG turns a blind eye to that eyesore!

From: TheTone
IDFG does not regulate elk farms, that is Idaho department of ag. You're correct in that they are a complete mess and have a ton of problems. As long as we elect the same people (farmers, ranchers, etc) don't expect to see anything change. Attempts to further regulate them (more testing for disease, double fencing, etc) are usually killed in the legislature swiftly; I mean we certainly can't regulate some poor guys attempt to just make a living...

As for evidence of sex, its incredibly simple to leave it attached to a hind quarter if packing and have zero effect on your meat

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